SegmentIt - Interactive Image Segmentation Tool - Version 1.0.4

Packages This package defines extensions points in SegmentIt. This package defines the interfaces of the extensions points in SegmentIt.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.exceptions This package contains the Exceptions treated in the segmentation tool.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.filters This package contains the Filter interface and classes used to filter the input images to obtain gray level images suitable to be used as input for the watershed algorithm.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.formats This package manages the supported formats for reading and writing file images, providing FileFilters to accomplish such task.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.gui This package contains classes utilized in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the segmentation tool.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.gui.actions This package contains some actions fired by the tool GUI.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.metrics This package contains the metrics utilized to build the hierarchies of nested partitions.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.structures This package contains classes that implements the base data structures utilized in the segmentation tool.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.util This package contains utility classes utilized in the segmentation tool.
br.usp.ime.klava.segmentit.watershed This package contains implementations of algorithms of the classical watershed and watershed from markers.